"Todo Revoluciona" Book

"Todo Revoluciona" Book


Paperback - Matte | $14.99  
Published by Harsan Publishing
Mar 12, 2019 | 86 Pages | 5 x 8| ISBN 9780578475653



Being of borderlands, Mercado's life, politics, and identity are divided. Sometimes the divide makes her feel whole; sometimes it empties her. Todo Revoluciona questions her existence and purpose, and the politics that have shaped her perpetual questioning in the first place. Patriarchal structures, cultural norms, racism and discrimination, anti-immigrant sentiments, and other systems of control have her in a bind, and she explores a way out. 


 Beyond Mercado's personal life, her artwork and poetry point to the harsh reality many face as they are burdened with the struggle of having to balance life in the in-between—in between two cultures, two countries. The poems in this book also allude to the suffering of the people harmed by anti-immigration rhetoric. For those seeking safety,Todo Revoluciona is a gentle hand on their shoulder, letting them know they are not alone on this journey toward belonging.


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